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Omnipedia is an encyclopedia about everything related to everything, but mostly how things (concepts) fit into each other (broader concepts) and general structure, along with some unusual, eccentric, off-the-wall, hard-to-classify, and other original ideas. It is not meant to be a guide to formal academic philosophy, but feel free to add some if you want (just please try to tie it in to the preexisting structure and categories). If you have some "Original Research", this is the place to share it. As with all wikis, anyone can create or edit any article. Enjoy!

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Omnipedia is the attempt to include everything and all, in a much more relaxed and open manner than what Wikipedia can allow (and still be readable!). But it is mostly about big ideas and ideas about ideas; in short, organization and classification of things. Many articles will only be stubs. Its about philosophy, but also popular ideas, beliefs, and viewpoints, such as religion, politics, spirituality, magic, the occult, alternative health. It will include articles on: *philosophy *ecology *pop psychology *God *atheism *skepticism *magic *paranormal *Wicca *Satan *Left-Hand Path *Right-Hand Path *ethical theories *sex *meditation *freedom *tolerance *survival *well-being *and more.

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